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Title Deeds

Title deeds for Cyprus property refer to the registered owner/s of a plot of land or a property.

There are effectively two types of title deeds:

1) outright ownership of land (and property) described on the title deed document.
This is common for properties that are within their own boundaries on their own plot of land.

2) percentage ownership of title deed, described as a specific address/property within part of a larger construction.
This is common when a property is located on a plot of land where multiple properties have been built, such as a block of apartments or town houses on a project. It is calculated what percentage of the overall project size your property represents, this is confirmed on your title deed as a percentage, along with identifying details, block number, apartment number (as well as your garden boundaries). This kind of title deed is common in built up areas, such as in town or tourist areas.

In order to be eligible to purchase a property in Cyprus, all non Cypriots must first make an application to the "Council of Ministers".  Assuming that you meet the criteria you may purchase property.

Title deeds transfers can be completed in as little as 2 days, however this is not usually the case.

It is important to make sure all other taxes and outstanding bills pertaining to the property have been paid to date, otherwise the transfer can not proceed.

There is no obligation for a buyer to transfer title deeds in to their names as soon as they that they become available (for new properties).
This has been the case for many years in Cyprus and in particular where buyers wish to delay the payment of property transfer taxes.
The Cyprus authorities are currently offering incentives to buyers in the form of reduced property tax charges.

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