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Water Supply

Utilities: Water Supply Cyprus. Transfer an existing water supply to your name, or establish a new connection. 

Depending on which municipality you live in, there is an initial connection fee and deposit of aprox 200 Euro, the deposit is refundable assuming you pay off your final balance and ask for a disconection.

Water bills are issued quarterly and show a monthly standing charge, again this varies according to the municipality that you live in. There is a typical tarrif for consumption up to 40 cubic tonnes at set price, customers who exceed the 40 cubic tonnes will be charged more on per tonne extra usage, often at a much higher rate.

Customers not on the above sysytem will be paying a lower standing charge, however they pay higher consumption per tonne charges

In the event of non-payment of your bill, the municipality often sends a reminder. If you still fail to pay, you will be fined an administrative charge and may be given further time to pay. If your outstanding bill is still not settled promptly, legal action will be taken against you and your water supply disconnected.

If you intend to be absent from Cyprus for long periods, it is advisable to pay your water bill, by standing order, in advance
or alternatively get someone reliable to do it for you.

View a sample water bill from Paphos Municipality:
paphos water billa

In areas where the water is supplied from wells; private well owners (including the Church) will charge according to their own scales.

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