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Tsada Village

Tsada village is located north of Paphos, just of the Paphos to Polis road (B7), it is nestled on the hillside and summit of the local mountain range at an altitude of aprox 700 mts above sea level. The views from Tsada in all directions are exceptionally breathtaking.

Tsada is very active and growing village, it has been bolstered by several large housing projects, leading to a good balance of Cypriots and expatriates.

Paphos community wellness retirment village in Tsada.

There will soon be a first class professionally managed retirement community in Tsada, you will be able to receive essential services, that cater for your health, safety and happiness, all in one place. Click the picture link for more details.

The village also features tavernas, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets and a golf course.

Traditional village life is still in evidence it and can be seen in the architecture of the buildings, each year there are several village functions, weddings or christenings at the local church. You could elect to visit one of the coffee shops, where the locals will greet you with a smile and practice their language skills with you and show off their tavli (backgammon) skills.

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