Tsada Old Mill Hotel
Aphrodite Living Tsada Old Mill Hotel


The Tsada Old Mill hotel is perfect for the visiting families and friends of our residents at the Tsada Old Mill retirement community village.
The demand for retirement villages across the world is on the rise, we are aware of the importance of a hotel being on site.
The loved ones of our residents can be now be close by and spend quality time in a safe and secure environment, with professional help on hand if required.

The hotel will have many facilities and functions over and above the provision of food and accommodation for our residents' visitors.

As well as our standard services we will also offer:

´ Nutritionist
´ Yoga/massage
´ Beauty Salon
´ Mindfulness classes
´ Personal trainer
´ Free gym facilities, indoor/outdoor pools, tennis and bowls
´ Concierge, reception, security, shuttle bus
´ 24 hour on-site emergency response team

´ At the Old Mill Retirement village we will promote and run free courses, (Ministry of Education approved)

Our residents and visitors will be encouraged to participate

´ Learning Greek or any other language
´ Greek Dancing
´ Pottery classes
´ Byzantine Art
´ Mediterranean cuisine cooking classes
´ Gardening Classes
´ Mosaic classes
´ Many of our classes will emphasise local Culture.

Our Inspiration:
Greek islands culture is very similar to that of Cyprus, Paphos village culture; we are very encouraged by the Ikaria model for living long, happy, healthy & active lives. With this model in mind what better than to make health improvements that can be more effortless and naturally absorbed, in the company of family, friends and other likeminded community members at Tsada Old Mill.