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Aphrodite's Rock (Aphrodite's Birthplace), or in greek; Petra tou Romiou, is located 25 km east of Paphos, 9km east of Kouklia, on the B6. You can get there by staying on the B6 and it is just of the main road and un-missable. You can also get close to it by approaching on the A6 Freeway (Motorway), exit the A6 Freeway at Kouklia and travel towards Limassol on the B6. There is a parking area and easy access to a long narrow pebbly beach, the rock itself can be climbed, the waters in the area are clear and clean.

Mythology claims that any person who swims around the rock will be blessed with eternal beauty. The rock is regarded as the birthplace of Aphrodite, 'Goddess of Love and Fertility', apparently she rose from foaming seawater, just after the God Cronus mutilated the God Uranus; by cutting of his testicles and then tossing them in to the water, which caused the foaming waters that Aphrodite emerged from.

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