Paphos Community Wellness Living

Aphrodite Living: The art of unretirement, join us in Paphos.

We are proud to present and promote a new concept for community wellness in Paphos.

Demand for retirement and community living projects across the world is on the rise, as such we are now able to cater for Cyprus bound clients seeking affordable, secure, professionally staffed and managed, high quality, well designed retirement community villages.
We are confident that our service is unmatched in Cyprus and we have put together a team of professionals with relevant and proven experience. We know what you are looking for and our projects have many useful and essential services, catering for your health, safety and happiness.

We are offering special introductory discounts and a ROR of 15% for the first 2 years.
(Investors for block purchases are welcome).
We are also offering a rental income return to our investor/landlords at a standard rate 6% per annum (ROR).

Our first project has received the green light for construction:

Aphrodite Living, Old mill retirement, Paphos community wellness

Paphos community wellness, old mill

Old mill site layout, Aphrodite Living

Retirement Village

Paphos community wellness retirement villages, Cyprus