Paphos Zoo, Bird park, Animal park.

paphos zoo logoThe Paphos Zoo is located near Sea Caves Area of Paphos en-route to St Georges, it is well sign posted from the main road, approximately 5km past Coral Bay.

Tel: 00 357 26 813 852
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giraffe at Paphos zoo

Paphos, (Pafos) Zoo is home to a wide array of Mammals, Reptiles and Birds.

You will see; carnivores, primates, hoofed animals, rodents, marsupials, bats, snakes, lizards, tortoises, birds of prey, water birds, cranes, hornbills and many more.
red kangaroo Paphos zoo

The facilities are modern and varied, including a snack bar, restaurant, history museum, souvenir shop, amphitheatre, art gallery, nursery, clinic, and a children's farm.

There are daily bird and animal shows, where you can meet the animal keepers and get close up with the stars of the Paphos Zoo; some cute and cheeky favourites are shown here.

Paphos tigerCyprus mouflon zoo

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