A 25-minute drive from the resort town of Polis on the E712 brings you to the picturesque, rural village of Lasa. At about 600 metres above sea level, Lasa’s climate is a few degrees cooler than the low-lying inland villages, but this altitude has the added advantage of stunning views right down to Chrysochous Bay. The closest villages to Lasa are Fyti, about two kilometres east, and Milia, about four kilometres in a southerly direction.

Lasa’s narrow, winding roads are lined with traditional stone houses, some in major disrepair and many being renovated. Quite a few of these stone houses are for sale as the number of elderly residents has slowly dwindled and the younger residents have moved on to larger towns to find employment.

Lasa has a snack bar/coffee shop at its centre where the locals can meet and watch the world go by. However, in this peaceful village not much of the world does go by. Across from the coffee shop is a tiny shop that can provide you with a few necessities and it also doubles as the village post office. The village church is a minute’s walk up the road but walk down the hill and you might discover the ruins of a very old church, which is home to pigeons and other wildlife now.

The extremely friendly local residents total about 120 and that includes a handful of ex-patriates. However, with new villas being built on the outskirts of the village and many of the old stone houses being renovated, these numbers are slowly increasing.

If you’re interested in art, Keith Walker’s Gallery is the place to visit to see a permanent display of paintings, photographs, prints and pottery. Opening hours are Thursday – Sunday, 12-6.

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