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Sample Contracts

Example of a sales and rental contract agreements. Provided for informational purposes only. 

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Sample sales contract (PDF)



This Tenancy agreement made _____________ (date), between Mr./Mrs. _____________ of Paphos, Cyprus, passport No _____________ (the "Landlord") - the one part, and Mr./Mrs. _____________ of _____________, passport No _____________ (the "Tenant") - the other part.



1. The Landlord agrees to rent the Tenant a property at the address and under the conditions shown below. The Tenant will have full use of the property for the duration of this agreement subject to the terms herein.

The Landlord agrees that he/she has ownership rights on the property according to _____________, and the right to execute this Tenancy agreement on his/her behalf.

Address of the property:

Description of the property:

Special conditions of the property:


2. The duration of this Tenancy agreement is ______ year(s)/months starting on "__" ____ 201__ and ending on the "__" ____ 201__, with an option to be extended.

3. This Tenancy agreement will automatically be extended if the Tenant informs the Landlord in writing two months before the expiry date of the Tenancy agreement of his/her intention to remain in the property.

4. If the Landlord and the Tenant decide to continue the Tenancy agreement the rent will be increased after two years by a percentage, which both parties will agree to,and takes into account the rise in inflation, in any case the increase will not exceed 4%. In order for this Tenancy agreement to continue beyond its second anniversary, the Tenant must agree in writing and prior to any aforementioned expiry dates as stated herein above.


5. The agreed rent is EUR ________ for the first year of the Tenancy and this sum is to be paid EUR ________ per calendar month, payable in advance.


6. The Tenant agrees to use the property as residence for himself/herself and close family. Any other use of the property is not allowed.


7. The Tenant will not sublet the house or assign their rights to anyone else.

8. When the Tenancy agreement is over, the Tenant must deliver the property back to the Landlord without objection, in the same condition as when possession was taken, subject to fair and reasonable wear and tear.


9. During the Tenancy the Tenant is obliged to keep the house in good and proper condition, being accountable for restoring any damage that may be caused by himself/herself and/or any other person.

10. The Tenant will pay to the Landlord the amount of EUR _______ as a deposit and guarantee for keeping the terms of this Tenancy agreement.

11. The deposit will be held by the Landlord and be used for the restoration of any damages and/or payment of any outstanding bills after the expiry of the Tenancy agreement, if any.

12. The deposit cannot be used by the Tenant for monthly rental and if it is not used for the above purposes, then it must be returned fully to the Tenant after the Tenancy agreement expires.


13. During the Tenancy agreement the Tenant is responsible for the payment of all electricity, water, rubbish collections and phone bills.

14. This Tenancy agreement embodies the entire understanding of both Parties and there are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations, oral or written, expressed or implied other than those contained herein.



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