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From Monday, 2nd September 2019

you will find us at our new offices in Chloraka,

at the St George traffic lights.

Antonesco Plaza, Shops 11 & 12

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Cyprus internet, ISP

Cyprus Internet Packages

There are three primary telecommunications companies in Cyprus:

CYTA call center: 132 for CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority) (

Primetel call center: 133 for Primetel  (

MTN call center: 136 for MTN (

The most common internet packages range from 2Mbps - 10Mbps and cost from 25-50 Euros per month, this will include a local telephone landline and in some cases various TV channel options.

There is a set up fee of up to 100 Euros + the first month charges to be paid with the initial order.

You will need to provide an identification card or passport and a utility bill proving your home address.

Please visit the main website of the each Internet Service Providers for exact details of current plans and special offers