Goudi Village

Goudi is 31kms from Paphos and about 6kms from Polis and situated on the bank of the Chrysochou river. With a population of approximately 150, it is a very quiet village. In fact, blink and you might miss it! However, 40 years ago it was a different story when the village was flourishing with life and tradition.

Goudi contains a mixture of modern and traditional houses. There are no tavernas or kiosks in Goudi but there are two supermarkets on the Polis road that are open from early in the morning until quite late in the evening, depending on the season. There are two coffee shops (kafenios), one that has a sign outside the door and the other at the crossroads just as you enter Goudi but which has no sign. However, look closely and you will see a few tables and chairs where you can sit under the grapevines and observe the rush hour traffic of the odd donkey or two!

Goudi rambles up a steep hill and is 75 metres above sea level, so from the top of the village you can catch a glimpse of the sea at Polis. There are also fantastic views towards the Chrysochous valley and the villages south of Paphos forest.

There is a small church in Goudi and also a meeting room in the village where the locals can get together to discuss any issues they have, or just for a social get-together. If there is a village meeting, you can be sure that Alkis, the village mukhtar will be there. There is a modern olive press in Goudi that serves the olive producers of the surrounding villages as well as the locals.

There is no school in Goudi, the nearest ones being in Giolou. But up the hill in the picturesque village of Kritou Tera, you can find the Centre
for Environmental Studies. Incidentally, it is said that the first ever casino was built in Kritou Tera. No more than a coffee shop where people could play cards for money and watch the imported dancers perform, this building nevertheless is now an ancient monument.

The nearest hospital is in Polis but as with all the surrounding villages, a doctor will make home visits on a specific day of the week. The closest police station is in Polis, but with crime being non-existent in Goudi, you should not have any need to contact them. Refuse is collected twice weekly and the PO boxes in Goudi are free.

If you feel in need of some action, the nearby Evretou Dam is ideal for fishing and the Tsada golf course is a short drive away. If it’s culture or sightseeing you’re after, the church of Agia Anargyri and the sulphur springs are a few minutes’ drive down the road. In addition, the popular resort of Polis Chrysochous is also a short drive away in the other direction along the Golden Valley.

Rumour has it that the village name of Goudi came about because its first inhabitant was called Goudis.

So, if it’s tranquillity and the slow pace of traditional village life that you’re after, as well as being in an ideal location to explore the beauty of the surrounding area, Goudi is the village to choose.

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