Cyprus residents able to prove they have lived in Cyprus for at least six months, may apply for a Cyprus Driving Licence.

Also note that a resident in Cyprus and from the EU:

1) May continue to drive on the original driving licence until it expires.
a) the licence was issued by an EU member state,
b) it is valid,
c) you have reached the minimum ages applicable in Cyprus.

2) After six months residency you may opt to exchange your existing EU licence for a Cyprus driving licence, on a like for like basis.

If your licence is in a language other than Greek or English you may have to supply a translation.

Please note that you can not change the address on your EU licence to one outside of the issuing Country.

It is accepted within the rules that your former address will displayed on a driving licence issued by another EU state .

You may not hold more than one driving licence issued by an EU state.

If you are a resident in Cyprus and from outside the of the EU.

*Note: Some countries outside of the EU have bilateral agreements with Cyprus for the exchange of driving licences.

For further details or to download application forms please visit;

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