Baths of AdonisAdonis baths and waterfalls are nestled in a discreet and shaded spot just beyond Mavrokolympos reservoir and below Kili village, it's an excellent place to cool off and have fun. You may visit the baths as part of the fun bus tour or make your own way there.  The water is clean and refreshing, fed by the Mavrokolympos river.

On site you are well provided for; you will find a bar and cafe, toilets, shaded seating areas, well built stone stair ways down to the pool and mini treks to the top of the waterfalls, an amphitheatre, various statues to admire, other excellent examples of stone work and ample parking.

Greek mythology sates that this is where Adonis and Aphrodite would meet to spend time together; for more information and pictures about the Baths of Adonis, please visit our photo galleries.

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