Drymou Village
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Drymou Village

villages of paphos

Drymou has a population of just 120 and this includes about six non-Cypriot families. Being 32 kms from Paphos and 14kms from Polis, Drymou is ideally situated. It is 520 metres above sea level and so there is very little humidity. Drymou has spectacular mountain views as it borders forests that stretch all the way up to the Troodos mountains. Look the other way and there are fantastic sea views.

In this quiet, sleepy village, there are no restaurants, tavernas or supermarkets but the two coffee shops do sell items that you’d find in a kiosk.
So, why not enjoy a cup of strong, black, unsweetened coffee (skeeto) whilst you pop out for a pint of milk.

The church of Agios Sotirios was built in the early 1800s and is well worth a visit. Further out of the village, you can take in a round of golf at the nearby Tsada golf course, or see how many tiddlers you can catch at the Evretou Dam.

The nearest school to Drymou is a short distance away in Simou. There is no police station in Drymou, but should the need arise, Stroumbi police station is within easy reach. A doctor visits the village once a week, but for more serious illnesses and for emergency treatment, the hospital in Polis
will serve you very well.

As with most of the villages in this area, the PO boxes are free and the refuse is collected twice weekly. If you want a PO Box, see the village mukhtar, Costas.

Many years ago, the residents of Drymou built a special pool to collect the crystal clear spring water trickling down from the Troodos mountains. This pool was vitally important to the villagers as this is where they would get their drinking water, wash their clothes and even take their animals to drink from it. But things have moved on since then and a mains water supply now provides the village with this vital commodity. However, the pool is still there
as a reminder of those bygone days of traditional, simple, village life and the spring still pours out a refreshing mouthful.

For peace and quiet, spectacular views in a very quiet location, Drymou is perfect.

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