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Ioli Constantinides Law Firm specializes in Convenyancing, Property Law, Wills and Probate and since its foundation has established an enviable reputation in these fields of law.The complexity of the legislation on immovable property and the formalities which need to be considered when dealing in relevant matters render it necessary, especially when foreigners wish to invest in immovable property in Cyprus, to seek and obtain from the start reliable and efficient legal advice in order to avoid surprises and future undesirable consequences.This is where we come into the picture. Our office policy is to deliver expert legal services in an environment that encourages professionalism, confidence and trust. Our office team will be there for you from the start to assist you in making your dream become a reality. We believe in providing value for money and as such our legal costs are very competitive with no hidden extras.

No sale/purchase – No fees.
We undertake the following services:

Guaranteeing your interests in obtaining title deeds
Opening of Bank Accounts with a Bank of your choice and assisting you in obtaining a loan or mortgage
Preparation and exchange of Contracts
Lodging your Contract with the District Land Office for Specific Performance,thus preventing the Vendor from transferring the property elsewhere.
Obtaining the Council of Ministers Approval for permission to acquire immovable property in Cyprus
Transferring and registering the title deeds in your names
Organising insurance for your property
Assisting you in obtaining Cyprus residency from the Immigration Authorities
Connecting your property with utilities (water, electricity, refuse collection and telephone)
Preparation of Wills and Probate and re-sealing
Expatriation of funds

If you are in need of our services please do not hesitate to contact us:

Nicolaou Nicolaides Street & Kiniras Corner
3rd Floor, Suite 307
P.O. Box 60763
8107 Pafos, Cyprus
Tel: 00357 26936943
Fax: 00357 26938953

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